About a year ago the black dog stopped eating his dog food, so we changed to another brand. We moved to another house and it was difficult for him to adapt. We were struggling to adapt too. He stopped eating his dog food again and we thought maybe his teeth were not strong enough to cope, seeing that he was about 12 years old at the time,  so we started to mash up the dog food with warm water. This was time consuming but we wanted to help. He ate it like that for a few weeks and then stopped.

It was winter months and when summer finally came, so did the hope that he would come right, as well as us struggling to get ourselves settled. Then he started to suffer with a blocked nose. Took him to the vet. They wanted to do scope examination and the more I said nothing was stuck in his throat the more they wanted to make money out of this situation. I changed vets the same thing. Then I told her I don’t want it done over December holidays. In January we were feeding him chicken finely cut up and mixed with broth and he struggled to breathe and swallow but it was going ok. Then I had to go back to work and he started to bring up phlegm. This happened throughout the day, when I took him to the vet again she said he has paralysis of the throat muscles, it is progressive and untreatable.

When I told her that this is cruel for him to continue this way, she said nonsense it is just a bit of irritation in the throat and sold another batch of medication to me. I gave it to him and it made him feel worse. He was losing so much weight and I felt cruel and powerless.

Five days later I came home from work and he lay paralysed in his bed, barking and helpless, I phone the vet and asked her to wait for me. I took him in and asked her to put him out.

The most intelligent dog I have ever had and who trusted me unconditionally is now gone. I am so heartbroken. I feel it is so senseless. Why?


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