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Stuffed mushrooms.

4 Large Brown mushrooms (cleaned and stalk trimmed)

Fresh breadcrumbs (1 slice of bread)

1½ tsp garlic (chopped finely, optional)

1 Courgette (trim ends, do NOT peel, finely grated)

Salt & Pepper

Cheddar Cheese (grated)

½ Onion (grated)

2 tbs Olive oil


  • Pre-heat oven 175°C.
  • Wipe or lightly rinse mushrooms. Remove stalks and discard ends. Finely chop stalks and place in a bowl. Place mushrooms cap side up on cutting board to dry.
  • Add breadcrumbs, garlic, onion, courgette, salt & pepper to the bowl and mix well.
  • Lightly brush mushroom caps with olive oil, turn them upside down still working on the board. Brush the outer edges thoroughly with oil. Sprinkle salt over mushrooms (optional).
  • Spoon breadcrumb mixture into each mushroom and pack tightly. Each one should be filled with a well rounded heap of filling.
  • Place mushrooms in buttered baking dish.
  • Cover each mushroom with grated cheese making sure the outer edges of the mushrooms are neatly covered so that they will not burn.
  • Bake 15 mins, 175°C.


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I think the best parts of Kate Middleton are her legs & butt, although some readers find these posts of mine offensive I think she should be proud of her body. I personally wouldn’t have minded if my legs looked like hers.

My previous post can be read here.


Perhaps flared skirts aren’t such a good idea. When Kate Middleton no longer needs maternity wear, I think she would look great in smart pencil skirts.

Can you guess what it is?

anchor 1

It is stainless steel. Shaped into a hook.


anchor 2


The longest section looks almost like the part of a pair of spectacles which goes over the ears because it is flat and not rounded.


anchor 4




Amazing animals.

Birmingham-based master craftsman James Doran-Webb (pictured on horse) spent a  painstaking six months assembling the sculptures as part of celebrations to mark  Chinese New Year in Singapore

“People say mice don’t swim, but they’re a close relative of rats which love the water. Besides, I scoop them up within seconds of a wipe-out out and I’ve never lost one yet.”A radical rodent hangs 10 at Runaway Bay on the Gold Coast. Picture: Tim Marsden




Uitstekend (Wrecking Ball parody) deur Rea Le Roux

Watter deel was jou gunsteling?

My gunsteling deel is die `lek van die strykyster’ :D



for more photos and main article:





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