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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog. Yes, it has been 4 years.
Since then this blog has served as my free therapy sessions. No money spent on psychiatrists.
I have talked to myself, I have communicated with people online who have similar interests and I have seen some awesome photography.
I have changed a lot since my first post. I hope my blog has inspired or provided information that was helpful.
To see my first post you can go here.


Spotted this old item for sale. Let me share my memories of this. My mother, a woman with endless patience worked extremely hard to raise 3 kids and never lost her temper.

Until my dad brought home an aluminium cookie cutter. (Very similar to this one)


cookie cutter price R100

That was the first time in my life I heard my mother swear. The dough would stick in the tube and not budge. One moment it was too sticky so she would add more flour but then the dough constituency became too dry. It took us a whole day to make 36 biscuits and she never used it again. Even 30 years later it is still lying in a drawer somewhere.


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I hadn’t seen The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in about 2 decades. We settled down the other evening and watched it and I could not stop laughing at Eli Wallach’s portrail of the bandit Tuco.

“Eli Wallach, whose films included The Magnificent Seven and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, has died aged 98.”






My first crush … Robert Urich.

What I discovered when I did an online search on Gobetweenflames:
One website claimed “ it is ranked #10,458,153 in the world” … Really!?
Another asked “How did get a Trust Score of 80%?” … I am not familiar with this website so I did not venture there – I know that I post 100% safe content.
This image was pinned on Pinterest at least twice – here and
and also shared by The Laughing Housewife

This image was linked by Buzzfeed from my blog

I also found that in 2012 someone had me on their WordPress blogroll but I don’t remember this blogger at all.
I learnt that using the url to link a photo to your blog is not a very good idea because websites move or delete their content and then the image becomes unloadable after a certain period. It is advisable to save the image to your library and to give credit to the source.
The image search was wonderful and if you are going to do a search on yourself you must do this it was like going down memory lane. Quite revealing it shows personal photos, my interests and my favourites.
search google
search on bing
search yahoo
Thank you for reading this post. I dare you to do a post similar to this one on yourself and link back here sothat I can learn more about you! :)
I don’t see myself as an overly superstitious person. One thing that I have picked up from my mom, who is overly superstitious, is that if I do something a certain way, every day. I feel that if I did reverse the order of my movements that it might bring bad luck. Apart from that and the fact that listening to songs sung by Queen brings awful bad luck I am not superstitious at all.
Fifteen years ago I was innocent and scared. A Piet-my-vrou kept on calling from a distant tree it echoed over us. It was eerie and announced a drastic change in my life.
We could not foresee the drastic events that followed. My whole life changed after that (mostly for the good) but the road was stressful.
In a relatively short time everything in my life changed. My duties within the family changed and so did my relationship with family members and unexpectedly moving to a new town.
About two weeks ago the eerily familiar call of the Piet-my-vrou echoed over us from a distant tree bringing back fears from the past. I pray that he moves on and finds a mate soon and that he is not an omen of bad luck. If you want to read about birds and superstitions this is an interesting read although it does not mention the Piet-my-vrou 

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