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Our agent contacted us a month after our own house sold and showed us one house. It had almost everything we had wanted in a house but it had a neglected pool right at the back door of the house and there were two ugly cracks next to the light in the pool. Although the house was nice, I could not imagine waking up every day looking out the window and looking at this eyesore. Someone had rented space in the garage and it was covered with a thick layer of fine pottery dust. We had heard that this dust causes cancer when inhaled and we discussed it and decided it would be too much of a tricky task to clean it up and not make ourselves or our dog sick.

After that our agent’s attitude was I found what you were looking for and I am not going to waste my time looking for something else.

We had viewed about 18 houses and I was starting to feel tired. Rushing after work, fretting while stuck in peak hour traffic arriving at houses and finding that the estate agent had totally ignored my instructions that we did not want a property with a pool, Jacuzzi or bidet. Which was either next to or across from an empty stand or shop and was not a corner property.

In the beginning when I started requesting viewing of properties online I contacted an agent named Alice and she did not reply to my request to view. Usually I would just leave it but strangely on this occasion I phoned her the next day, to enquire and she made some excuses something like there was already an offer on the house.

Anyway, she asked me what were we looking for and she phone me again afterwards to say that she had a house on a main road in an area where I grew up and although I really very much wanted to move back to my childhood neighbourhood. There was a member of the family that I knew would object greatly if I suggested a house on the main road and so I declined a viewing. It is also much further for me to travel to and from work.

Our own agent then phoned me and said that we must be out of the house by end March. We panicked and I scolded him for only showing us one house. His defence was that there were no houses in the price range I had given him  … although I had found 18 others!

We were wondering if we should not take the house with the tall trees & woody front garden. It had a feeling about it … like we belonged there, we all felt it but there were too many issues with the garage & driveway.

We were told by Alice that there was a couple that had dropped the price on their house drastically because they wanted to return to the U.K.
We viewed the property and it had a large front garden and was quite nice apart from the fact that it had terrible creaking floors in all the bedrooms and kitchen. She told us there was an offer on the table but that it was a bond application that might not go through. So we made an offer. Alice told us she had an insider that could supply us info about the bond application and she would let us know within 3 days whether the bond was successful or not. By the end of the week I felt like time was running out for us and Alice had heard nothing.

Our own agent suggested I view a second house with him. It was under a ramp on a busy road, had a fish pond, Jacuzzi and large swimming pool! When I said that it was not what we were looking for he threw such a fit that I agreed to view it. Not a bad house, the fish pond fountain helped to disguise the noise coming from the traffic on the road. I declined it, for people who entertain a lot it will be perfect but not for us. Then I told him we had made an offer on another house and we will wait and see what happens.

The next day at work I sat worrying, what if the bond application was successful, then we were wasting time. We would have to pay occupational rent to the new owner of our old house and still find somewhere to move to. The next day I went online again and landed upon a property, which I had seen advertised for two months, but never requested a viewing, because I had assumed that it had already sold and because it was also way above our price range. This time though, I noticed that the price had come down quite drastically and the agent who brought it down had shown us a property a few weeks before so I had already met her. I requested a viewing.
We met the agent at a small shop, in the neighbourhood where I had grown up and we followed her to the house which was situated on the main road and I immediately said to myself Alice is going to kill me this must be the property I declined to view. But on reflection it was probably too high priced at that time for us anyway.

We viewed the house and the family member who I thought would object to living on the main road insisted this was the property for us, she liked the fact that the house had a lot of tiled floors and two bathrooms. I was not really impressed. When we got home I loaded the pics online again and to my horror found that it was a property on a corner stand and that I had not noticed it while we were there because the agent and her husband and the couple living there had all been talking to us and distracted us. We went for a second viewing the next day and signed the offer papers. I still say it is not really what I had in mind, but I sort of gave up in the end. The other family members are happy and excited though. I hope I can find a dry safe place for the black dog to sleep.

I believe a corner stand is not safe because the backdoor of the property is always visible and accessible from the road. I contacted Alice and told her that we are withdrawing our offer on the creaking floors property and when she found out that it was the property on the main road she turned nasty and said. “You made an offer which is under legal obligations and you will be sued if you do not see it through.” and “By not viewing and buying the property on the main road from me you have taken my bread and butter from me.”

I spoke to our own agent and he said there is no way she can threaten us with legal action because it was a backup offer and did not materialise as an offer before I withdrew it.

Anyway the other people’s bond was successful so our offer would not have been accepted. Everything turned out well.

We move the end of March.

Spring cleaning.

If we can find a suitable place, we plan on moving in the next 6 months. So this is the perfect time to throw out junk we haven’t used in the last 15 years. It feels like a couple of years ago that we moved into this house, can’t believe it has been 15 years.  
So I have been scratching in the deep dark corners and found some stuff to sell and stuff that went either straight to trash or we placed it on the pavement where passersby took them off our hands.
Here are two hair dryers, the white Sunbeam was a gift from my brother, he bought it from OK bazaars in the 1980’s and I used it at least once a week since then. Recently it started to sound funny and I decided to retire it.
hair dryers side by side
The blue Pifco hair dryer was given to my mother by her father in the 1960’s and although it still works we decided to retire it (in case its age made it unsafe to use). Apart from the fact that it weighs a ton and you need two hands to lift it.
hair dryers Pifco
 hair dryers Sunbeam
These below you can show your kids. Way back in the early 1980’s you could not look at a laptop screen while typing and correct your typos. Once you pressed that typewriter key the evidence of your typo stood boldly on a page for everyone to see. Your options … Tipp-ex which was gooey and you had to blow it dry and when you typed over it looked like you were replicating a hot wax stamp except it was a white spot that looked like you tried to plaster over your mistake, it was a terrible mess and in the end you would plain & simply start the document over.
We were so thrilled when Tipp-ex brought out correction paper. We thought it was the coolest invention. You positioned the typewriter head over the typo inserted the paper over the typo and retyped the correct letter and a white powder layer would cover the offending letter, you then backspaced and typed the correct letter.
tip-ex (2)
tip-ex (3)
The correction pencil was a horrible option if you could not afford Tipp-ex it left the paper rough and made the location of your typo more obvious.
tip-ex (5)
While we are on the topic of getting rid of stuff, I don’t know what happend to OLX but it seems as if no one is advertising there any more. If you are South African let me know where are people buying & selling online at the moment – we need to get rid of some junk.
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Corporate micro management.

First of all, thank you to all of you reading my updates on the corporate take over. Here is an update on recent events.
Elvis (his nickname) arrived at the end of 2013 and announce he was representing the corporation. He was moody, unapproachable and always stayed in his office and only ventured out for meetings if it involved a liquid lunch.
Out of the blue two months ago he got into a disagreement with the corporation. Basically he wanted them to pay him consultation fee – and they refused. So he walked out.
So the super team arrived from the corporation to whip us all into shape. Our days, as they put it, of being negligent and lazy were over.
They call it micro management. I, as you know, say it like it is. I spend my days now making photocopies and getting everything authorized signed & stamped in triplicate.
My main duty should be collecting money from outstanding debtors but no I spend my days doing admin and sleepless nights worrying about how behind I am with my work, which never happened to me in the past.
The worst part is the daily corporate meetings, the stale humour, the deadlines … one person is praised while another is berated.  
corporation meeting
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A fleeting moment.

When I was young I was impatient to be old enough to do other things.
Now that I am old I look back and realize how fleeting our lives are.
Watch because life is but a fleeting moment – do not waste it.






If you watch to the very end of the video: The moral of the story is don’t expect the president to improve health care or emergency services because if he is going to spend taxpayers’ money it will be spent on him & his clan only. The poor guy down the road can burn to death, if the fire department is ill equipped then so be – that it is his attitude.





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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog. Yes, it has been 4 years.
Since then this blog has served as my free therapy sessions. No money spent on psychiatrists.
I have talked to myself, I have communicated with people online who have similar interests and I have seen some awesome photography.
I have changed a lot since my first post. I hope my blog has inspired or provided information that was helpful.
To see my first post you can go here.



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