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If you have not read “It’s a secret – please don’t tell anyone!” then you might want to read it before reading this post.

It wasn’t long and everyone was talking about the affair at work. I did not mention it to anyone nor did I partake in any discussions but I heard the little snide remarks.

I asked Martie, “Who knows about you and Attie”?

She replied “I also told Sadie…

Sadie the receptionist who is also the biggest gossip and butt creeper in the company.

Attie has gone down to Knysna 3 times and spent his leave days there while staying with Martie. Some would say it is love, others might say well it is a ‘no charge for accommodation’ holiday.

After the death of her husband, Martie decided to resign and she heard that Joey was looking for a job, so she suggested that Joey should apply for the vacancy. I was surprised because Martie swore she never wanted to go back to Knysna because the salary scales are too low there. Yet she packed up everything and went there to be close to her sons.

Meanwhile life carried on and I trained Joey. Eight months later I realise Joey was up to something. I started listening when she spoke to her husband on the phone, which I did not do before. I usually tuned out and concentrated on my own stuff but sensing something funny going on I deduced that she no longer wanted to work in Gauteng.

So one day I said to her “if they offer you a transfer, would you accept” that was when she revealed all … she had asked for a transfer to the Port Elizabeth branch. The reason she claimed was that her children suffer from asthma and it was on the doctors recommendation that she asked to be transferred to PE.

I gave Martie an update, she was furious because Attie had requested a transfer 3 years ago and if it was granted now they could be together more often because the distance between them now is a major hurdle.

It wasn’t 15 seconds later and I get a request. “Ask the boss if I can get my old job back again.

I was reluctant not only is the new corporate director terse and blunt but I find any exchange of words with him quite unpleasant. I left it for a couple of weeks and then one day he said

oh, GB, I am getting someone to help you“.

I replied “oh ok, I just want to warn you, Martie is trying to get hold of you, she wants her old job back.”

WHAT! ..Eh .. I know why … no she can’t. Must I get a young person?” he asked.

I agreed with him. Martie would do no work and spend all day visiting Attie and I will again end up doing all the work, but I did as my friend had asked me to do.

I told Martie that they are getting a young junior person in to help me. She complained, that in PE you can earn R5 000 for the same position in Gauteng where you earn R12 000. She does not want to live there anymore, she is coming to Gauteng. She has given notice and giving up her flat, putting her furniture in storage and at the beginning of May she is moving in with Attie and his sons.

GB, I need your advice“, she says.

At first I thought, Attie was shy and a man of few words, but I am getting more and more concerned.

I asked her why.

Every time I ask him, are you excited that I am moving in, he replies it is your choice … pp … perhaps he thought I had inherited a lot of money after my husband’s death.

I reply “Martie, I cannot give you advice on this. It is best to keep your stuff in storage until you know for sure.”

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Source : Price R220

I have no idea how many of these are around, if you have
seen one before let me know. This is the first time I have seen one this big.

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Yip, I’m surfing the net instead of doing my chores.

Isn’t this cool?





(price R3500





Hi, I was browsing on facebook and came across this photo:

dairy belle milk bottles



and decided to share with you an image of what milk bottles looked like in the late 70’s early 80’s when aunty GB was still at school and you could open your front door in the mornings to find fresh milk in glass bottles sealed with foil caps.

dairy belle milk bottle 2



In a mission to find a clearer image through Google images I landed on this one and found that the winning bid on Bid or Buy was R75 two years ago. A bargain for the amount of memories which come with it. Including waking in the morning hours and hearing the gentle clink clink of the bottles as the milkman collected them.


(Click on images to see sources. Please remember to leave a comment of your memory of these.)






I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol, yeah I know boring.

I drink a lot of cooldrink, yes “sodas” with all that sugar. Yes it is addictive too.

A year ago I stopped drinking CocaCola and then I found that the watercooler at work was filthy inside and the water had bits of plastic in it so I went back to drinking cooldrink out of cans.

Many years ago I witness someone who was dependent and addicted to Grandpa Headache Powders. I realised that was a dangerous downhill addiction. This week I discovered that two female colleague I work with are addicted to Grandpa Headache Powders which they down with Coke. The one even admitted sniffing the Grandpa powder once with an acquaintance and swore never to do it again as it was unpleasant.

I found this result from my Google search Grandpa contains a combination of paracetamol, aspirin (both painkillers) and caffeine, which, loaded with extra caffeine from Coke gives the user a mildly euphoric feeling and a “lift”.

“Dependency on Grandpa is very dangerous,” says Ane Carelson, social worker and marketing manager for Elim Clinic, a drug rehabilitation centre in Kempton Park.

“An overdose of paracetamol causes a lot of damage to the liver and kidneys. You can develop ulcers.

“Some people are taking 10, maybe 15 a day, which can be lethal.”


Load shedding … again.

Yesterday when I was driving to work they announced on the radio that it was going to be 35°C in Johannesburg, it was 6:30am and it was already 22°C in the car. The new “corporate directors” of the company have told me I cannot park in my usual spot under the shaded tree so I leave my car at security in full sun all day. When I headed home in the afternoon it felt like like it was 50°C in the car (sorry I did not check the actual temperature). So when I got home I had an electric fan going in each occupied room. At 10pm I was looking at this …


candle gb 2015


Imagine going through hot flushes (menopause), not able to open windows because of mosquitoes and feeling that even the flame of the candle is making the room feel warmer.

ls bw


ls mg






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