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The corporation took over the company I work for and if you follow this blog you will remember that during restructuring there were two sessions of retrenchments.
They made Bill, one of there own people financial director, while retrenching the existing company financial manager. Last week all the directors including Bill were given a stern lecture by the corporate heads because we are not performing well.
Bill got annoyed with the way they spoke to him, a case of injured pride, he likes giving lectures but not receiving them. So he has now submitted his resignation.
Attie resigned yesterday and two more staff members resigned today. I think they were headhunted by the opposition. I feel a little left out when am I getting a call …..
After the theft of a laptop and cell phones they finally persuaded the lazy IT guy to get up and connect the cameras at the new premises where we have been for two months now. Last night they caught 11 workers on camera stealing steel products worth thousands of rands. I see major staff issues heading our way.
This is exactly what the corporation wants, now they can bring in their own people. They will either drive me into a corner or persuade me to take early retirement.
I need to find a position as credit controller on the East Rand urgently.


If you watch to the very end of the video: The moral of the story is don’t expect the president to improve health care or emergency services because if he is going to spend taxpayers’ money it will be spent on him & his clan only. The poor guy down the road can burn to death, if the fire department is ill equipped then so be – that it is his attitude.





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Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog. Yes, it has been 4 years.
Since then this blog has served as my free therapy sessions. No money spent on psychiatrists.
I have talked to myself, I have communicated with people online who have similar interests and I have seen some awesome photography.
I have changed a lot since my first post. I hope my blog has inspired or provided information that was helpful.
To see my first post you can go here.


29 May 2014 my mother was admitted to hospital. Medical staff said she had a heart attack. I took her to hospital because she was short of breath, her abdomen was swollen and her legs were retaining so much water that the skin burst. We did not know that she had a heart attack.
Two days later she was back home but it was a wake up call. I realized that she will not be with us for very much longer. Her life changed quite a bit. She gets out of breath easily and cannot do as much physical work as before. The doctor told me she has a leaking heart valve.
Often she says it is such a pity that I have to work because she wants to spend more time with me. When we are together, I find that she either criticizes everything I do or she finds something to complain about. I on the other hand, want our time together, to be pleasant because I fear that time is so short. She has always been there for me and I always want her to feel that she can rely on me. 

The bouncer allegedly hired to find a hitman to kill Port Elizabeth teacher Jayde Panayiotou is alleged to have been paid R30 000 for his services.

This emerged yesterday as Panayiotou’s husband, Christopher, appeared in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and kidnapping and robbery with aggravated circumstances.

A third man was taken into custody on Sunday. (More …)

Jayde’s Panyiotou’s body was found when “The helicopter participating in the search for her noticed an object in an isolated area near KwaNobuhle Township in Uitenhage. Further investigation by members on the ground led to the recovery of the body of Ms Panayiotou in the area spotted from the helicopter,” Mills said.

postmortem will be carried out to determine the cause of her death while Panayiotou’s abductors and killers are still being sought. (More …)

The 29-year-old junior grade teacher at Riebeek College Girls’ High School was kidnapped from outside her complex last week while waiting for a lift to work. Her body was later found in an open field on the outskirts of a nearby township.

It now appears that Christopher’s tribute, described by some as “moving” at the time, bears a striking resemblance to another eulogy posted in 2010 on the blog Fraught with Peril. (More …)

The plot was unraveled when: After agreeing to turn state witness and set up the sting, Siyoli is said to have contacted Panayiotou, demanding more money due to the “hype” around the murder. A meeting was set up in Uitenhage on Wednesday and the money was paid over to Siyoli, witnessed by undercover police.

Furthermore: Police have quizzed 26-year-old Chanelle Coutts about her links to Christopher Panayiotou. Coutts, who managed a supermarket owned by Panayiotou, is strikingly similar in looks to the murdered Jayde Panayiotou.

Eyewitnesses said the businessman and Coutts were often seen together in and around the shopping complex where they worked. They were said to be “very affectionate”. (More …)

In court: None of his family members or family of his slain wife were in court for his hearing on Monday. (More …)

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I came across this article and these photos and yes I did have these in the 80’s :)
Cassette player
80's cassettes
Perm, tease, gel … whatever it took to get the hair as high as possible.
80's hair
I had lots of pen-pals and exchanged funny stickers.
80's sticker collection
Believe it or not tough GB did have one of these, my cousin gave it to me, not that I used it but it was a surprise gift which was special.
80's trinket box
Check out the photos and see if you had any (here)

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