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Cool Sites

I have decided to create a special place on my blog for websites which are handy or cool.

If you think these websites are cool or would like to suggest a website please leave a comment.

CLICK ON PICTURE to go to website.


Duck Duck Go is a search engine with true hits, no spam and does not collect information about you.

* * *


Ninja Words is a super fast dictionary.

* * *


Complete table of special Alt characters.

* * *


Handy word definition, synonyms, tweets and pictures of a word which you input.

* * *

Retro photos from 1800’s up until recent times – very interesting stuff 🙂

* * *


Day of the week gives a super fast reply on which day of the week you were born.

* * *


Biography search on any famous person OR see who is in the news: http://www.nndb.com/

* * *

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