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I don’t smoke. I don’t drink alcohol, yeah I know boring.

I drink a lot of cooldrink, yes “sodas” with all that sugar. Yes it is addictive too.

A year ago I stopped drinking CocaCola and then I found that the watercooler at work was filthy inside and the water had bits of plastic in it so I went back to drinking cooldrink out of cans.

Many years ago I witness someone who was dependent and addicted to Grandpa Headache Powders. I realised that was a dangerous downhill addiction. This week I discovered that two female colleague I work with are addicted to Grandpa Headache Powders which they down with Coke. The one even admitted sniffing the Grandpa powder once with an acquaintance and swore never to do it again as it was unpleasant.

I found this result from my Google search Grandpa contains a combination of paracetamol, aspirin (both painkillers) and caffeine, which, loaded with extra caffeine from Coke gives the user a mildly euphoric feeling and a “lift”.

“Dependency on Grandpa is very dangerous,” says Ane Carelson, social worker and marketing manager for Elim Clinic, a drug rehabilitation centre in Kempton Park.

“An overdose of paracetamol causes a lot of damage to the liver and kidneys. You can develop ulcers.

“Some people are taking 10, maybe 15 a day, which can be lethal.”


Lesley Gore passes away.

Lesley Gore, whose No. 1 hit “It’s My Party” kicked off a successful singing career while she was still in high school, has died. She was 68. The follow-ups, “Judy’s Turn to Cry” and “She’s a Fool,” were in a similar teen-love vein, but Gore’s next hit, “You Don’t Own Me,” was something else entirely.

Source …









Jeweller Andreas Salver posted CCTV footage on YouTube of an armed robbery at Manufacturing Jeweler at Coachman’s Crossing shopping centre in Bryantson on 11 February.

The chilling footage shows a man and woman, pretending to be a couple, enter the store at around 10:30am. The woman enters second and keeps the door open until their accomplices appear.

The staff are rounded up and used to fill the robbers’ bags.

Salver told Netwerk24 just one of the items stolen was worth R400 000 alone. Source







Load shedding … again.

Yesterday when I was driving to work they announced on the radio that it was going to be 35°C in Johannesburg, it was 6:30am and it was already 22°C in the car. The new “corporate directors” of the company have told me I cannot park in my usual spot under the shaded tree so I leave my car at security in full sun all day. When I headed home in the afternoon it felt like like it was 50°C in the car (sorry I did not check the actual temperature). So when I got home I had an electric fan going in each occupied room. At 10pm I was looking at this …


candle gb 2015


Imagine going through hot flushes (menopause), not able to open windows because of mosquitoes and feeling that even the flame of the candle is making the room feel warmer.

ls bw


ls mg





Load shedding

In my area we have had power cuts every alternate day which last 3 hours. The reasons Eskom gives for this is:
  1. “Eskom meanwhile also shut a 930 megawatt unit at its Koeberg nuclear power station for three months to perform regular maintenance, reports Reuters. There are several units that had been expected to return from maintenance on Monday that are now delayed due to further technical problems,”
  2. Soweto’s unpaid electricity bill totals R4 billion, and there is no sign it is going to be paid soon. This is according to a report in the Sunday Times. “Of the 80,000 Soweto households without prepaid meters, only one in six pays for the electricity it uses,” the Sunday Times reported.
TRAGIC: “Johannesburg – A Bloemfontein man, connected to two oxygen machines, died after Eskom implemented rolling blackouts twice in one day. According to the report, Engelbrecht suffered from severe asbestosis and his family believed he had not recovered from the first power cut when he died during the second one. Eskom said it was investigating the incident and would comment next week.”
BUT: It’s a bit late for that now isn’t it!
Driving home during a major load shedding roll out which affected the largest part of Gauteng I passed a casino, they had power, no not supplied by a generator the traffic light was working so that grid was definitely not turned off.

PEARLS OF WISDOM FROM ESKOM: “Eskom again called on all customers to reduce the load on the electricity grid by urgently switching off geysers, air conditioners, pool pumps and all non-essential appliances throughout the day, which will reduce electricity demand. Commercial customers, particularly shopping centres and office blocks, can also make a big difference by switching off non-essential lights and not leaving office equipment such as photocopiers and computers in standby mode after hours.”
OK, SO HERE IS THE LOGIC: I am at work, it is 30°C and yes we do have the air conditioner on, and we have office lights turned on. Load shedding strikes unexpectedly and we have to head home eventually. So, after 3 or 4 hours the power is turned on again and all the air conditioners work through the night. Plus how many people remembered to switch off the lights …(um not many) so how much electricity did we save for that day?






Jeremy Meeks – felon.


Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon who rose to fame after his sexy mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department. He was arrested and charged on June 18 (2014) for a felony charge of street terrorism as well as for a misdemeanor charge of resisting/obstruction of justice.


Ridiculously photogenic criminal Jeremy Meeks to serve time behind bars

Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot inspired fundraising efforts and Facebook groups after his piercing eyes and defiant glare sent the internet into a frenzy last year.

But all the viral furor and slack-jawed looks drawn by Meeks’ mug did little to change the felon’s saga. US District Judge Troy Nunley sentenced the 30-year-old to two years in prison last week, court records show.

Meeks was arrested on weapons charges last June when he was stopped by police in Stockton, California after leaving a home where a search warrant was being executed by the FBI and the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives.

Police found a semi-automatic handgun and two extended magazines for the weapon before arresting Meeks and 23-year-old Terry Bailey. The district attorney’s office accused both men of being members of the Northside Gangster Crips as well.

Meeks will also have to complete the Federal Bureau of Prisons Substance Abuse Treatment program, according to court records.

Meeks’ became an internet celebrity after the Stockton Police Department posted his mugshot on its Facebook page last year. Women sent messages promising to help with his bail, which was set at $US1 million, and reports surfaced that he had been offered a modeling contract weeks after his arrest.

Meeks broke the hearts of countless Facebook users when he announced that he was married and that his wife was “livid” about all the attention. In various interviews with local television stations, Meeks tried to downplay the gravity of the charges, telling reporters he was not a “hardened criminal”.

But the June arrest was not Meeks’ first brush with law enforcement. He previously served two years in state prison for a grand theft auto conviction. He also sports a teardrop tattoo on his cheekbone for “doing some things in his past he is not proud of”, he told reporters last year.

The original photo of Meeks garnered more than 50,000 likes on the Stockton Police Department’s Facebook page. Another community page, which is home to Photoshopped images of Meeks as comic book heroes including Captain America and Wolverine, had roughly 234,000 supporters by late lst week.



Well, turns out Jeremy Meeks can take a so-so mug shot.

The California felon, a reputed member of the Northside Gangster Crips, was not looking so dreamy when he posed for booking photos in 2009 (top) and 2002 (bottom) following busts in the Golden State.

In the newer photo, Meeks’s “NC” gang tattoo can be seen on his throat. And his “teardrop” ink is beneath his left eye.





The green/blue eyed brothers, Jeremy and Emery Meeks. Notice that Jeremey’s teeth are not like that anymore






Yip, he is only human.


“Stockton Police never took the photo down. As of Thursday, it had garnered 101,944 likes, 12,836 shares and 26,695 comments, reports the station. The photo even reportedly earned Meeks a modeling contract with a Santa Monica-based agency.”




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