C.R. Berry

Trunko & killer whales, Bill Asmussen

The world is full of stories about mysterious creatures that inhabit the ocean. One of those is the enigmatic Trunko, a half-fish, half-polar bear monster with an elephantine trunk, spotted battling two killer whales off the coast of Margate Beach, South Africa in 1924…

This astonishing encounter between two killer whales and a large creature with a trunk and white fir first appeared in an article called ‘Fish Like A Polar Bear’. Published in the Daily Mail on 27th December 1924, the article described a strange creature lifting itself out of the water by 20 feet and whacking the whales with its tail. Hugh Balance, one of the witnesses, claimed that the animal was like a “giant polar bear”, and that the whales were said to have fought the creature for three hours.

Trunko versus two killer whales – who won?

After the fight, the carcass of the creature…

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