The following photos were not take by me and were found on the internet & Facebook. I am not sure if they are copyrighted but I am sharing them so that those who still remember can reminisce.

when you could get parking close to the beach

Durban West Street Christmas 1970’s

Durban town

Colourful Rickshaw

Recent photo before the crowds descend

Durban town

Safe to take a leisurely stroll

Meet up with friends

Fun water parks

Swimming pools, if you went early you had the pool to yourself

Fun park rides

No litter


Great views

You waited your turn and no stampeding

Good clean fun for the family holidays

While sipping your first cup of coffee you would gaze along the beach from your hotel window and then eagerly rush down to the beach

This is what awaits you now when you go in December – overcrowding

where friendships were made

time for bonding

Great place for kids